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Guidelines For Policy Holders

We welcome you as a policyholder and as a prospective customer to our customer service section. This section will guide you through the various intricacies of a life insurance contract and the facts that you must know to make the best out of your life insurance policy. Please read our guidelines carefully.

Your Policy Bond And Its Safety
Your Policy Number
Policy Conditions
Alterations In Policy
If Your Policy Is Lost
Your Contact Address – Keep Us Posted Without Fail
Admission Of Age
When To Pay The Premiums
Grace Period For Premium Payment
How And Where To Pay The Premiums
Policy Status – Where Available
Revival Of Lapsed Policies
Availing Loans On Policies
Surrender Value
Maturity, Survival Benefits, Disability And Death Claims
Policies Under Salary Savings Scheme


Your Policy Bond And Its Safety

The policy bond is the document that is given to you after we accept your proposal for insurance.
The risk coverage commences after acceptance of your proposal and the conditions and privileges of your policy are mentioned in the policy bond.
This is an important document which would be referred to for various servicing interactions with you – Keep the policy bond safe. It will be required at the time of settlement of claims on the policy. You will also require it if you are availing a loan or want to assign the policy.
Inform your spouse/Parents/Children as to where the policy is kept.
In case you are handing over the policy bond to any person or office, please take a written acknowledgement. Keep a Photostat copy of the policy for your reference.

Your Policy Number
The policy number is consisting of nine digits and can be found at the top left hand corner of the schedule of your policy bond.

This is a unique identification number that distinguishes your policies from other policies and will remain unchanged throughout the lifetime of the policy.

Remember to quote the policy number every time in your correspondence, as it helps us to locate your records for reference.

Policy Conditions
Every policy is taken for different types of needs; therefore the conditions for your policy will vary according to the Plan and Term of the policy.

The policy schedule contains on the first page of your policy, like the ones mentioned above as well as other information like nominee, your address etc. It also shows the date of commencement of your policy, date of birth, date of maturity, due dates and months in which the renewal premiums are to be paid etc.

The second page onwards carries the various policy conditions like risk coverage, additional risks coverage if opted for, standard benefits that are available for all policies, accident benefit if opted for, exclusion of risks if any and other conditions that govern the contract of insurance.

Apart from death benefits there are other standard benefits and benefits opted by the policyholder, which you might want to familiarize yourself with (Clickhere to know more about various types of policy conditions and their implications).

Alterations In Policy
There may be instances when you would like to make alterations in your policy like change of premium payment mode, reduction in premium paying term etc.
Your applications may be given in writing to the branch that services your policy for our further action.

There are different types of alterations that are allowed on our life insurance policies( Click here to know more about alterations).

If Your Policy Is Lost
Kindly make a thorough search before concluding that you have lost the policy bond. Look for the same within your residence, among your investment papers, at your office and even with your agent to whom you might have entrusted the document for some reason.
It could have been even pledged with LIC/any other financial institution for availing a loan by you. LIC retains the policy bond when you go in for a loan against the policy. Make sure that the document you are searching is not one that has already been assigned to LIC, or to another financial institution.

If the policy bond is partially destroyed due to natural causes like, fire, flood, etc, the remaining portion may be returned as evidence of loss of policy to LIC, while applying for a duplicate policy.

In case you are sure that the policy bond is untraceable due to unknown causes, there is a simple procedure to comply with while applying for the duplicate policy at the branch that services your policy (Click here to know about obtaining duplicate policies).

Your Contact Address – Keep Us Posted Without Fail
Your address is very important for us. Without your latest address we would not be in a position to contact you for any service offering. We would not like to keep any benefit that is due to you pending for want of this very important information. Whenever you shift residences, please inform the new address to us. Otherwise any communication we send to you, like premium notices, discharge vouchers for maturity and survival benefits etc., will get delayed in reaching you.

LIC provides for change of addresses, inclusion of telephone numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses in your contact addresses information. Kindly inform your servicing branch to incorporate the same in your policy records.

Admission Of Age
Check your policy bond and see if your date of birth is correctly given therein.
This is one of the factors on which the premiums you pay for your policy is arrived at.
This would also form the basis of all future policies you might avail from us.
In case your earlier policies do not have your date of birth incorporated and you do have a date of birth certificate issued by the competent authority, you may send an attested copy of the same to us, with a request to admit your age (Click here to find out the certificates of age that LIC accepts.)

Ensure that the nominees name is correctly incorporated in the policy bond.
You may change the nomination in your policy any time during the lifetime of the policy
In case you have not included the name of the nominee till now, please do not delay; inform us your nomination immediately. Kindly note that the change of nomination has to be done in the branch that services your policy.

The nominee is the person to whom the insurance claim amounts would be payable, in case anything unfortunate within the purview of the policy conditions happens to you.
The policy is usually taken by you to benefit your family – nominate the persons who’ll have the welfare of your family in your absence; the usual preferences being spouse and children.

You may nominate even minors like your children, in which case you have to name another person who’ll have the welfare of the minor children, as an appointee( Click here to know more about nomination).

In case you are raising a loan against your policy from LIC or any other financial institution, your policy would have to be assigned to LIC or the financial institution.
When you assign the policy the title of the policy is shifted from your name to that of the institution.

The policy would be reassigned to you on the repayment of the loan.
A fresh nomination should be done after reassignment of the policy.
Assignment of policies can be done even when a loan is not required or for some special purposes (To learn more about assignment Click here).

When To Pay The Premiums
Remember to pay your premium in time, even if our notices do not reach you. There may be a postal delay.

LIC usually sends premium notices one month in advance to the due month of the premium.
The months in which premiums are due are given on the first page of the Policy bond.

Grace Period For Premium Payment
In case you have not paid the premium within the due date there is still time for you to make the payments without payment of interest on the premium. This period is called the grace period. (With the exception of some plans)
The grace period for policies where the premium payment mode is monthly is 15 days from the due date.

The grace period for policies where the premium payment mode is quarterly, half-yearly or yearly is one month but not less than30 days.

How And Where To Pay The Premiums

  • By cash, local cheque (subject to realization of cheque), Demand Draft at Branch Office.
  • The DD and cheques or Money Order may be sent by post.
  • You can pay your premiums at any of our Branches as 99% of our Branches are networked.
  • Many Banks do accept standing instructions to remit the premiums. So by providing a standing instruction to your Bank to debit your account for the premium amount and send it vide a banker’s cheque to LIC, on the due dates and months mentioned on your policy bond.
  • Through Internet : Payment of premiums can be made through Internet through Service Providers viz.HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Times of Money, Bill Junction, UTI Bank, Bank of Punjab, Citibank, Corporation Bank, Federal Bank and BillDesk.
  • Premium payment can also be made through ATMs of Corporation Bank and UTI Bank.
  • Premium payment can also be made through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) which has been launched at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Kanpur, Bangalore, Vijaywada, Patna, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa, Nagpur, Secunderabad & Visakhapatnam. A policyholder having an account in any Bank which is a Member of the local Clearing House can opt for ECS debit to pay premiums. The policyholders wishing to use this system would have to fill up a Mandate Form available at our Branches/DO and get it certified by the Bank. The certified Mandate Forms are to be submitted to our BO/DO.
  • Policy can be anywhere in India: Citibank Kiosks at Industrial Assurance Building, Churchgate, New India Building, Santacruz, Jeevan Shikha Building, Borivili are dedicated for collection of premiums through cheques.

Policy Status – Where Available
Status of your policy indicates if your policy is in force or has lapsed due to non-payment of premium. It also provides other important information with respect to your policy, for your reference.

The status of your policy is available at the branch that services your policies.
It is also available through our Interactive Voice Response Systems in select cities (Click here to find out if your city is covered).
In cities connected by our computerized networks the status will be available in any of the branches.

Now the policy status of policies being serviced in the cities connected by network are also available through Internet (Click here to register for these services). In select cities online touch screen kiosks are also provided where you can view your policy status.

Revival Of Lapsed Policies
If your policy has lapsed due to non-payment of premiums within the due date, the terms and conditions of the policy contract are rendered void, till you revive your policy.

A lapsed policy has to be revived by payment of the accumulated premiums with interest as well as giving the health requirements as required . (Clickhere for knowing more about the revival procedure and the different types of revival allowed)
Always keep your policy in force to ensure that your family gets their financial protection assured by your policy.

However certain concessions dependent on the term for which you have paid the premiums are available with the exception of some plans for claims concession.(Clickhere to know the concessions for delayed premium payment and for claims during the lapsed period).

Click here to download Revival forms

Availing Loans On Policies
Many of our plans are of endowment type and you would be allowed to raise a loan against your policy should you require funds.
You repay the loan with interest or continue paying the interest and allow the loan to be deducted at the time of the claim payments.
Further loans on policies are also allowed after deduction of earlier out standings (Click here to find out more about loans on policies).
Most financial institutions too allow loans against LIC policies based on the value LIC quotes on request from you.

Surrender Value
This is the value which is the amount payable to you should you decide to discontinue the policy and encash the same from LIC.
Surrender value is payable only after three full years premiums are paid to LIC. More over if it is a participating policy the Bonus get attached to it as per prevalent rules.
Surrender of policy is not recommended since the surrender value would always be proportionately low.
Should you decide to go in for another insurance at this stage further insurance would be available to you at a much higher premium because your age would have advanced since taking out the earlier policy.
Therefore retention of earlier policies and continuation of all policies without allowing them to lapse is the best strategy for continuing life insurance protection.

Maturity, Survival Benefits, Disability And Death Claims:
When your Survival Benefits (For Money back policies) or maturity benefits are due, we send intimations to you in advance. However, if the survival benefit amount is less than or equal to Rs.60,000/- the same will be sent to you directly without policy or discharge forms with a few exceptions.
If such intimations have not come to you before the due date kindly inform us so that we may take necessary action (Click here to know about the claims procedure)

Policies Under Salary Savings Scheme
If you have taken your policy under salary Saving Scheme please read the following suggestions :

  1. For each Salary Savings Scheme Policy your employer deducts the premium from your salary and sends a consolidated cheque for all the policies of the employees to a designated Branch of LIC, where all the policy files are maintained.
  2. You can find out which Branch of LIC your policy file will be serviced either from your Agent or from the pay roll department of your employer.
  3. You will need to know which branch of LIC services your policy because you will require their help in getting your Maturity/Survival Benefits, for any alterations like change of address and for availing loans etc.
  4. In case you are in a transferable job please inform the designated Branch of LIC about your new place of posting.
    After you join your new place of posting please ask your employer the LIC Branch where the premiums are being remitted by your office there and inform the LIC Branch which was servicing you earlier so that your policy files can be transferred.
  5. This way your records will be at correct place and will receive the services from us like maturity, in time.
    In case you are leaving your employer for a new job or joining another firm, you have the facility to either continue the policy under the Salary Savings Scheme of your new firm or to convert the payment mode into quarterly, half yearly or yearly mode.
  6. Always ensure the continuity of premium payments to avoid frequent revivals of policy. This may become a cumbersome process for a person who is in a transferable job.
  7. Please do not send any installments directly to us. Your premium must come through your employer only. We do not have systems to adjust single installments received from our policy holders. Otherwise please convert the mode into quarterly, halfyearly, or yearly and pay directly. This way you also get a discount on the premium payable.
  8. Leave a permanent local address with us so that we can reach you wherever you are even after many years.

The information contained herein is only to guide you and does not purport to be binding on either party. The contractual implications of your policy will be subject to the terms and conditions of your proposal and the policy document issued to you. They may be also subject to the rules and regulations of the corporation notified from time to time which may be subject to revision and change. The contract will also be subject to the prevailing laws of the country.

To ensure that you get the best out of your policy please read our guidelines carefully.

  1. Keep the policy bond safe. It will be required at the time of maturity or Survival Benefit. You will also require it if you are availing a loan or want to assign ypur policy.
  2. Inform your spouse/Parents/Children as to where the policy is kept.
  3. When you shift residences, please inform the new address to us. Otherwise any communication we send to you, like premium notices, discharge vouchers, etc., will get delayed in reaching you.
  4. Ensure that the nominees name is correctly incorporated in the policy bond.
  5. Remember to pay your premium in time, even if our notices do not reach you. There may be a postal delay. The months in which premium are due are given in the Policy bond.
  6. You may pay the premium by Cheque, DD or Money Order. Remember to quote the policy number everytime in your correspondence. The policy number is consisting of nine digits and can be found at the top left hand corner of the policy bond.
  7. Check your policy bond and see if your date of birth is correctly given therein.
  8. In case you are handing over the policy bond to any person or office, including the LIC office please take a written acknowledgement.
  9. When your Survival Benefits (For Money back policies) or maturity benefits are due, we send intimations to your three months in advance. If such intimations have not come to your even within one month of the due date kindly inform us so that we may take necessary action.
  10. When in doubt call your agent or the Branch from where you took the policy.

Our Branches are our Operating Units. Hence, for any servicing matter, contact the Servicing Branch of your policy. However, for obtaining general information, you can contact any of the Branches of LIC.

For Any Inquiry Call Now: Ph.: 098118-96425

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Jeevan Saral

Click Here to Get Reminder of your Policy on Mobile via SMS

Jeevan Saral Plan Detail

Example: Mr. Gupta is 25 years old and is working in BPO. He opts for jeevan saral plan for 15 years term and chooses monthly basic premium of Rs.500/-. On maturity he will receive approx Rs.2,22,198/- (Maturity Sum Assured + Loyalty Addition, Loyalty Addition which will be decided by the corporation). If he dies after 4 years due to any accident, his nominee will get Rs.2,50,000 (500 x 500) + premium paid for 4 years – first year premium.

Benefit of LIC Scheme

  • Premiums are not based on Age so you can avail Insurance Coverage At Higher Age also in Low Price
  • Best Option for those who are looking for FD, Monthly Saving
  • LIC Monthly Recurring type Scheme
  • This is like a Post office or Recurring Deposit Scheme. You can deposit Yearly, Hly, Quarterly or Monthly (ECS) in LIC scheme
  • Maturity received in LIC scheme is Tax Free under section 10-10d of income Tax act.
  • You can withdraw partial of full amount if necessary after 10 years.
  • The amount deposited in LIC is exempted under section 80c of income Tax act.
  • You can continue LIC scheme after 10 years.
  • In case of death 250 times monthly premium + Total Premium paid – (1st years premium & Extra premium paid ) + LA if any payable.
  • If you forget to take maturity at the end of 10 years, You can get return beyond 10 years in LIC scheme. This is not available in Post office scheme.

  • Please select a valid form
  • Jeevan Anurag

    With profits plan (Table No. 168)

    Feature of plan: Jeevan Anurag is a with profit plan specifically designed to take care of the educational needs of children. The plan can be taken by a parent on his or her own life benefits under the plan are payable at pre-specified duration irrespective on whether the life assured survives to the end of the policy tremor dies during the term of the policy. In addition, this plan also provides for an immediate payment of basic S.A amount on the life assured during the term of the policy. This plan is not allowed when occupation extra chargeable and to pregnant ladies.

    15 – days cooling-of period: if you are not satisfied with the “term and conditions of the policy you may return the policy to us within 15 days.

    Paid up value: if at least three full year’s premiums have been paid in respect of this policy, any subsequent premium be not duly paid, this policy shall not be wholly void, but the S.A. by it shall be reduced to such a sum, called the paid-up value, as shall bear the same ration to the full S.A. as the number of premium actually paid shall bear to the total number of premium originally stipulated in the policy. The policy so reduced shall thereafter be free from all liabilities for payment of the within mentioned premium, but shall not entitled to the future bonuses.

    Guaranteed surrender value: this policy can be surrender for cash after the policy is kept in force by payment of premiums for at least three years. The guaranteed surrender value allowable under this plan for all modes, except the premium mode will be equal to
    30% of the premium paid excluding the premiums paid for the first year and all extra premiums and the premiums paid for optional / rider benefits. In case of single premium mode, the guaranteed surrender value will be 90% of the premiums paid excluding all extra premiums and the premiums paid for optional/ rider benefits.

    Critical illness rider benefit: critical illness rider benefit will be available for an amount not excluding the S.A. under the basic plan subject to overall cover of 5lakh under all polices of the life assured with the corporation taken together.

    If premium waiver benefit is opted for then in case of diagnosis by any of the critical illnesses condition covered under the policy, the total future premiums in respect of the policy will be waived S.A under such polices will not exceed Rs.5lakh.

    Plan parameters
    Age at entry: Min.20 yrs (NBD) Max.60yrs (NBD)
    Maturity age: Max.70 yrs. (NBD)
    Term: Min.5 yrs for S.P & 10 yrs for regular Max. 25 yrs
    Sum assured: Min.50,000 Max. No Limit
    S.A in multiples: 5000
    Premium paying: policy term or
    Term (PPT): policy term-3
    Mode of payment: YLY/ HLY/QLY/SSS/MLY and single premium
    Accident benefit: Allowed (with extra premium)
    Policy loan: yes @ 10.5%
    Housing loan: yes
    Assignment: yes
    Revival: yea
    Surrender of policy: yes
    Term rider: yes
    CIR: yes

    Underwriting condition
    Form no: 300
    Age proof: std/ NSAP-1 (WR 5Lac)
    Female lives category: I/II/III
    Non-medical (Gen): Allowed
    Non-medical (Prof): Allowed
    Non-medical (special): Allowed
    Actual sum assured: 1.5 times of S.A
    Dating back @ 8%: Allowed

    Maturity benefit: payment of the basic S.A at the start of every year during last 3 policy years before maturity. At maturity 40% of the along with reversionary bonus declared from time to the full term and the terminal bonus if any shall be payable

    Death benefit: payment of an amount equal to S.A. under the basic plan immediately on the life assured is paid to the nominee. No. Premiums are payable thereafter. An amount equal to 20% of the basic S.A. at the start of every year during last 3 policy years is paid to the nominee. In addition he will also get 40% of the basic S.A + Accured Reversionary bonus for the full term & terminal bonus, is any is also paid.

    Accident benefit : accident death and disability benefit will be available for an amount not exceeding the S.A under the basic plan subject to overall cover of 50 lac under all policy of the life assured with the corporation taken together.

    Example: Mr. Tushar Kapoor aged 35 years opted for jeevan anuurag plan, S.A 2 Lac, for a term of 15 years. He pays an annual premium of Rs.15,323/- if the policy is in full force, Mr. Tushar Kapoor Will get 20% of S.A i.e. Rs.40,000/- at the start of 31th, 14th & 15th policy year and the balance 40% of S.A i.e. Rs.80,000 will be given at the end of 15th year along with reversionary bonuses declared from time to time for the full term, plus terminal bonus, if any shall be payable. in case Mr. Tushar Kapoor dies during 10th year his nominee will receive Rs.2 lac.

    No premiums are payable thereafter Moreover the nominee will get Rs.40,000/- at the start of 31th, 14th & 15th policy year and on maturity Rs.80,000 + Reversionary Bonus + terminal bonus, if any.

    Please select a valid form

    Jeevan Kishor

    ‘JEEVAN KISHORE’ has been designed as an improved version of the New Children’s Deferred Assurance plan. Parents or legal guardians can propose the policy for childrens between age 1 to 12 years, with risk commencing at an early age.

    Salient Features

    • This Plan is basically an Endowment Plan i.e. Sum assured is payable either on survival to the term or on death happening within the term.
    • Children between age 1 to 12 years are eligible.
    • Parents can propose the child’s life.


    • On death of child during waiting period all premiums will be refunded.
    • In case the proposer i.e. the parents die during the deferment period, the policy has to be continued by regular payment of premiums. (by payment of an additional premium the proposer can secure a waiver of premiums i.e. premium need not to be paid on proposer’s death till date of vesting).
    • Once the risk is commenced, Sum Assured with Bonus with Final additional bonus (if any) is payable on survival to term or on earlier death of life assured.
    • Accident benefit allowed to all eligible policy holder on application from the policy anniversary following their attainment of age 18 years on payment of usual extra premium of Rs.1/- per thousand Sum Assured with in existing overall limit of Rs.10,00,000/- in addition to existing concessional accident benefit. No extra premium is charged on 1st Rs.1,00,000/- Sum Assured. If the life Assured has attained the age of 25 years.

    Risk Commencement Age

    • For children aged 1 to 10 years, risk commences on at age of 7 years or 2 years after commencement of policy (whichever is later).
    • For children aged 11 years, risk commences from first policy anniversary from the date of commencement of policy


    • Minimum Term : 15 years
    • Maximum Term: 35 years
    • Minimum Sum Assured : Rs.20,000/-
    • Maximum Sum Assured : Rs.40,00,000/-
    • Minimum premium must be Rs.800/- p.m.
    • Minimum maturity age: 20 years
    • Maximum maturity age: 45 years
    • For children aged 1 to 4 years, certified extracts from Municipal records or horoscope or Baptism certificates will be accepted as age proof if submitted along with a declaration signed by both the parents.
    • For children aged 5 to 11 years, certified extracts from school records will have to submitted.

    Accident Benefit (With Restriction) – Accident benefit allowed to all eligible policy holder on application from the policy anniversary following their attainment of ate 18 years on payment of usual extra premiums of Rs.1/- per thousand SA with in existing overall limit of Rs.10,00,000/- in addition to existing concessional accident benefit. No extra Premium is charged on 1st Rs.1,00,000/- S.A. if the life Assured has attained the age of 25 years.

    Please select a valid form

    About LIC Agency

    Benefit of LIC Agency: Click here to Become Agent

    1) How is Insurance Agency as a career? What advantages does it provide?

    • Career in Insurance Agency presents one with ample of opportunities to fullfill your dreams.
    • Constant practice and usage improves one’s communication skills, public speaking, human resource skills etc.
    • It will place you in contact with different kinds of people and expose you to various challenges and situations.
    • It will thus enhance your decision making and adapting ability.
    • Your own dedication and efforts will decide your pay cheque, in short sky is the limit.
    • The incentives and competition will inspire you to give your best.
    • You will learn to set high standards of performance for yourself.
    • It will develop your worldly instincts and help you achieve your goals.

    2)  What other benefits will I get?
    Insurance agencies like LIC offer various club memberships. An insurance agent is entitled to all these provisions.

    Minimum Educational Qualification: 12th Pass

    Minimum Age: 18 Years (No Upper Age Limit)

    Who Can Work with LIC as LIC Agent?

    College Boys/Girls, Businessmen, Chartered Accountants (C.A.s), C.S, Housewives, Retired persons, Software Professionals, Bankers, Call Center Employees, Teachers, Consultants, Marketing and sales persons etc.

    Working Hours:

    Part-time /Full-time (Decide your own working Hours)

    Insurance Agent Benefits:

    • You will be your own boss.
    • You will have your own working hours
    • Unlimited Income Opportunities.
    • Life time commission
    • Club Membership
    • Festival Advance, Gratuity, Medi-claim, Term Insurance.
    • We will pay for operating/maintaining of your office.
    • Laptop Advance ,Interest free Car loan/2-Wheeler Loan.
    • Home Loan at attractive rates.
    • Interest free loans for your family needs.

    Amongst various career opportunities, Life Insurance Advisor is considered as one of the highest paid profession in the world.

    Contact Now at 9811896425

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    Reasons to buy LIC policy

    52 Reason Why you should buy Life Insurance from Lic of India

    Before Buying Life Insurance from Other Private companies in India Please read the following:


    1. Largest insurance Company in the world in Customer Base (23 crore customers)
    2. No.1 insurance company in the world in terms of agency (about 1.1 Million agents)
    3. LIC is No.1 insurer in the world in Volume & Sold around 3.75 Cr.Policies in 2007-2008.
    4. 2nd Biggest Real Estate Owner next to Indian Railways.
    5. LIC is one of the Highest income tax playing Organization. For Financial Year 2007-08, LIC has paid advance Tax Rs.2627. 14 Cr. & Service Tax Rs.1292. 15 Cr.
    6. Has Highest insurance Professionals ( Club Member agents )
    7. Only 4 countries in the world have more population that LIC`s policy holders.

      Award – Recognition

    8. Adjudged “The most trusted service Brand” in India, by “Economic Times and AC NEILSEN ORG MARG” for the year 2007 for the 5th consecutive year.
    9. “Golden Peacock” award for Excellence in “corporate Governance”
    10. LIC adjudged as “Best life insurance Company of the year” at the “2nd”NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards-2007.
    11. LIC adjudged the “Most Preferred Life insurance Company of the year” at the “CNBC AWAAZ” consumer award 2007 for 3rd time in succession.
    12. Awarded Reader Digest’s “Trusted Brand”2006,2007&2008 (Voted by Consumers)
    13. “Outlook Money NDTV Profit Award 2007”
    14. “Web 18-Genius of the web Award” Conferred for the best website in insurance Category
    15. “SKOCH Challengers Award 2008” for “Jeevan Madhur”.
    16. “Loyalty Awards 2008”- insurance Sector.
    17. Double crown for LIC in corporate Olympics 2008, Most Sporting Corporate 2) Corporate Championship Award Winner-2008

      Honouring of the Commitment – Settlement of Claims
    18. No.1 insurance Company in the world in terms of claims paid.
    19. LIC Settles 2.21 claims per second, LIC settled 139 lakhs claims during the year 2007-2008.
    20. Prompt settlement of claims (97% maturity claim settled on or before due date)
    21. One of the Lowest outstanding Claim Ratio in the world ( Maturity+S B Claim-0.07%)

      Advanced Technology-For better Customer Service

    22. Computerized and networked 2048 branch offices and 159 satellite offices throughout the country.
    23. Use of High Tech-WAN,LAN,IVRS & EDMS
    24. LIC is second largest PC user in the country.
    25. EDMS to make LIC a paperless office- Enabling Policy servicing & payments through all branchs in the country.
    26. Premium Payment Facility extended through networked 2048 branches, ECS, ATM’s through internet, online portals, collecting bank (Axis Bank), AP online, through SMS, through selected agents, Now LIC Premium can also be paid through.

      “Suvidha info Serve KIOSKS” all over India.

    27. Policy Holder’s Portal allow on line access to policy status and other details.
    28. Info centre set up in 12 cities for customers to interact easily. Dial-1251 for details.
    29. 45 interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) centers all over the country to provide information on policy servicing. Facility is available 24 7, Facility can be availed on following phone Nos. 1251 OR 020-25514248.

      Social Strength

    30. LIC – an institution builder promoting many financial and insurance institutes like NSE, NCDEX, LIC Mutual Fund, Stock Holding Corporation of India, National insurance Academy, insurance institute of India etc.
    31. LIC has foreign operations in Mauritius, Fiji and London and has joint venture operating in Sri lanka, Nepal, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia. New offices will be hortly oprned in Australia, USA&Canada.
    32. LIC is known as “Pension Provider” of the country.
    33. 1st Pension company in India is floated by LIC as “LIC Pension Fund Ltd” on 21st Nov 2007.
    34. First to create waves in micro insurance sector by insuring people below the poverty line. In year 2007-2008, 8.54 lac policies sold through “Jeevan Madhur”Plan.
    35. Widest range of plans (about 48) for every need of the customer of 0 to 79 years of age.
    36. Biggest Portfolio of Group insurance schemes available.
    37. “Jeevan Saral” one of the product of LIC got “Best innovation product ” award from I.R.D.A.
    38. LIC has covered lick Risk of 1.13 crore citizens through “AAM ADMI BIMA YOJANA” & ” JANASHREE BIMA YOJANA”.
    39. Very Unique Salary saving Portfolio.
    40. Highest Number of Corporate Clients in Group insurance Scheme.
    41. Expending Distribution Channel through Bancassurances, Corporate Agencies, Broker ship & Chief Life insurarance Advisor (CLIA).
    42. New East – Central Zonal Office opened at patina to caterto the needs of states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. 5 new Divisional offices were also opened in 2007-08. Pune D.O.was splited in 2 divisions, viz Pune Division (i)
      and Pune Division (ii).
    43. “Golden Jubilee Foundations” established for undertaking charitable activities like education, health, relief of poverty etc.

      People’s Money for People’s Welfare

    44. LIC invested more than 11,630 crores, in infrastructure sector is Rs.56,691
    45. In socially oriented sector like water, drainage & housing etc, LIC has invested Rs.5,635 crores during 2007-08 & total investment in this sector is Rs.32,321 crores.
    46. Total investment in Social Sector Rs.89,000 Crs.
    47. Different incentive schemes for villages, Schools and Banks under Bima Gram, Bima School and Bima Banks.
    48. Total investment in Nation Building Activities is 5,76,000 Crs.

      Financial Strengths

    49. LIC’s investment income in 2007-08 was Rs.40,655 crores. Out of Total income of Rs, 1,76,559.28 Crs.
    50. Total Assets of the corporation as on 31.3.07 were Rs. 6,74,514.78 Crs.
    51. Largest institutional investor in Share Market. On an average Rs.100 crore invested every day. During theyear 2007 LIC earned the profit Rs.10,000 Crs. from the Sale of Equity.
    52. Largest Financial institutional investor both Equity market & Term House.

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      Compare Insurance Plans, Get Best Life Insurance, Life Insurance Planning, best term insurance policy, How to choose the best insurance policy, Best Deal Life Insurance, Apply for Life Insurance, Which Life Insurance Is Best, best Investment in LIC.

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    Jeevan Chhaya

    Features of plan:

    This policy is beneficial for partner having less then a year old child (not an adopted child). It makes provision for higher education / marriage of the child. In case of death of the policyholder at any time during the term of the policy one additional S.A. will be payable in addition to the above fixed benefits. This plan is not allowed when occupational extra is chargeable and to pregnant ladies. Joint declaration by the husband and wife is must, if child is less then one year old.

    One fourth of the S.A. is given every year during the last 4 years of maturity to the policyholder. Bonus for the full term on the full S.A. is given on maturity.

    Plan parameter
    Age at entry: Min. 18 yrs, Max. 45 yrs
    Maturity age: Max: 65 yrs.
    Sum assured: Min. 50,000, Max. No Limit
    S.A. in multiples: 5000
    Term: Min.18 yrs, Max. 25 yrs
    Mode of payment: YLY/HLY/QLY/SSS/MLY
    Accident benefit: Re. 1extra per
    (Max. 50 Lac inclusive 1000 S.A.
    All plan)

    Survival benefit: 25% S.A. during last 3 yrs. Before maturity
    Maturity benefit: on maturity balance 25% of S.A. + Bonus on full S.A.+ FAB, if any.

    Death benefit:

    S.A. is immediately paid to the nominee. Future premiums are waived. Moreover, during last 4 yrs. Of term 25% of S.A. is payable. In addition bonus for full term + FAB, if any will be paid.


    Mr. Sachin Tendulkar aged 30 years, opts for jeevan chhaya policy for S.A 2 Lac and term 18 years with DAB. His daughter baby Tanya aged 5 years is nominee and Mrs. Tendulkar meets with an accident, his wife will get Rs.2 Lac on behalf of her daughter. Further more at the end of 15th year, baby Tanya will receive 50,000/- (i.e. one further of S.A) again , at the and of 16th and 17th year of the policy she will receive Rs.50,00/- finally, at the end of 18th year she will get Rs.50,000 + 1,62,000 = 2,12,000 (bonus as per bonus rate of 2005 i.e. Rs.45 per thousand per annum)

    Please select a valid form

    Jeevan Anand

    Jeevan Anand Table No. 149


    Jeevan Anand is the combination of Endowment Assurance and Whole Life plan.

    The risk cover will continue even after the maturity, that means Zindagi Ke Saath Bhi Zindagi Ke Bad Bhi… Jeevan Anand plan no. 149 provides financial protection against death throughout the lifetime of the life assured with the provision of payment of a lump sum at the end of the selected term in case of his survival.

    For Example: Mr. Pankaj, age 25 years, takes Jeevan Anand policy for 25 years for Sum Assured Rs. 1 lakh. Now on Maturity Pankaj will receive Rs. 2,12,500/- (Rs. 1 lakh sum assured Plus Rs.1,12,500/- is the estimated bonus at Rs.45/- per thousand per year.)

    In case, Mr. Pankaj, dies ( After premium paying term is over) at the age of 60 years, his nominee will get additional Rs. 1 lakh equal to sum assured amount. Since Mr. Pankaj has already received the bonus, LIC will not pay second time bonus.

    In case, Mr. Pankaj dies during the Premium Paying Term, his nominee will get Rs.1 Lakh (sum Assured) + Accrued bonus till Mr. Pankaj’s death.

    Key Features:

    1. Jeevan Anand is the combination of Whole Life and Endowment Assurance plan.

    2. Even after the Premium Paying Term (PPT) is over, risk cover continues till the death of the policy holder.

    3. Accident Benefit is available during the Premium paying term adn thereafter upto age 70.

    4. Limited premium payments.

    5. Double accidental cover upto age 70.

    6. Tax Savings

    Modes of Premium Payment:

    You can pay premium yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or through salary deductions as opted by you throughout the selected term of the policy or till earlier death.

    Jeevan Anand Plan Premiums are limited. You only pay till the selected term of years or until death if it occurs during the term period. This policy not only makes provisions for the family of the life assured in the event of early death but also assures a lump sum at a desired age. The lump sum can be reinvested to provide an annuity during the remainder of policy holders life or in any other way considered suitable at that time.


    Jeevan Anand is a with-profit insurance plan and participates in the profits of the Corporation’s life insurance business. You will get the profit in the form of Bonuses. Simple Reversionary Bonuses are declared per thousand Sum Assured annually at the end of each financial year.  Once the bonus is declared, they form part of the guaranteed benefits of the plan. Bonuses will be added during the selected term or till death, if it occurs earlier. Final (Additional) Bonus may also be payable provided the policy has run for certain minimum period.

    Maturity Benefit:

    Sum Assured along with all vested bonuses payable at the end of the term to the policy holder.(Endowment term)

    Death Benefit:

    Sum Assured along with vested bonuses are payable on death during the premium paying term. An amount equal to the Sum Assured is payable if death occurs after the premium paying term. Simple Reversionary Bonus accrues during the premium paying term and is payable at the end of the premium paying term or on earlier death along with final additional bonus, if any. No Bonus is paid on death after the premium paying term.

    Accident Benefit:

    Double Accident Benefit is available during the premium paying term and thereafter up to age 70. Maximum Accident Cover available under this plan will be Rs 5 lakh (this limit excludes accident benefit taken under other plans).

    In case of permanent disability of the life assured due to accident this additional Sum assured is payable in instalments.

    Eligibility Conditions and Restrictions:

    a:) Minimum Entry Age: 18 Years completed

    b:) Maximum Entry Age: 65 Years

    c:) Max. PPT Mat. Age: 75 years

    d:) Min. Premium term: 5 yrs

    e:) Max Premium term: 57 yrs

    f:) Minimum Sum Assured: Rs. 1,00,000/-

    g:) Maximum Sum Assured: No Limit

    h:) Risk cover: Sum Assured + Bonus

    i:) Loan on policy: Available

    j:) Housing loan : Available

    Surrender Value:

    Buying a life insurance contract is a long-term commitment. However, surrender values are available on the plan on earlier termination of the contract.

    Guaranteed Surrender Value:

    The policy may be surrendered after it has been in force for 3 years or more.  The guaranteed surrender value is 30% of the basic premiums paid excluding the first year’s premium. Any extra premium(s) paid and premium(s) towards Accident Benefit are also excluded.

    Call Now to buy this policy – 98118-96425

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    Updated NAV

    BIMA PLUS Launch Date:02/02/2001
    Secured 10.00 33.0902 31.4357 33.0902
    Balanced 10.00 42.3362 40.2194 42.3362
    Risk 10.00 61.2377 58.1758 61.2377
    FUTURE PLUS Launch Date:04/03/2005
    Bond 10.00 14.3982 14.3982 14.3982
    Income 10.00 16.5475 16.5475 16.5475
    Balanced 10.00 17.5788 17.5788 17.5788
    Growth 10.00 24.0410 24.0410 24.0410
    JEEVAN PLUS Launch Date:18/10/2005
    Bond 10.00 14.4203 14.4203 14.4203
    Secured 10.00 14.9879 14.9879 14.9879
    Balanced 10.00 15.2563 15.2563 15.2563
    Growth 10.00 23.0416 23.0416 23.0416
    MONEY  PLUS Launch Date:20/12/2006
    Bond 10.00 13.8520 13.8520 13.8520
    Secured 10.00 13.7552 13.7552 13.7552
    Balanced 10.00 13.7301 13.7301 13.7301
    Growth 10.00 12.2431 12.2431 12.2431
    MARKET PLUS Launch Date:05/07/2006
    Bond 10.00 14.8655 14.8655 14.8655
    Secured 10.00 14.8443 14.8443 14.8443
    Balanced 10.00 14.9344 14.9344 14.9344
    Growth 10.00 15.5080 15.5080 15.5080
    FORTUNE PLUS Launch Date:23/08/2007
    Bond 10.00 13.1066 13.1066 13.1066
    Secured 10.00 13.7347 13.7347 13.7347
    Balanced 10.00 12.1684 12.1684 12.1684
    Growth 10.00 12.0115 12.0115 12.0115
    PROFIT PLUS Launch Date:23/08/2007
    Bond 10.00 13.6290 13.6290 13.6290
    Secured 10.00 13.7275 13.7275 13.7275
    Balanced 10.00 14.4221 14.4221 14.4221
    Growth 10.00 11.7211 11.7211 11.7211
    MARKET PLUS – I Launch Date:17/06/2008
    Bond 10.00 12.4954 12.4954 12.4954
    Secured 10.00 12.4041 12.4041 12.4041
    Balanced 10.00 12.4862 12.4862 12.4862
    Growth 10.00 14.0623 14.0623 14.0623
    MONEY PLUS – I Launch Date:22/05/2008
    Bond 10.00 13.3495 13.3495 13.3495
    Secured 10.00 15.0349 15.0349 15.0349
    Balanced 10.00 15.2735 15.2735 15.2735
    Growth 10.00 14.3431 14.3431 14.3431
    CHILD FORTUNE PLUS Launch Date:01/11/2008
    Bond 10.00 11.5324 11.5324 11.5324
    Secured 10.00 16.1006 16.1006 16.1006
    Balanced 10.00 15.5498 15.5498 15.5498
    Growth 10.00 15.7663 15.7663 15.7663
    JEEVAN SAATHI PLUS Launch Date:29/06/2009
    Bond 10.00 11.0680 11.0680 11.0680
    Secured 10.00 11.2237 11.2237 11.2237
    Balanced 10.00 10.9605 10.9605 10.9605
    Growth 10.00 11.6768 11.6768 11.6768
    WEALTH PLUS Launch Date:09/02/2010
    WealthPlus 10.00 10.3858 10.3858 10.3858
    ENDOWMENT PLUS Launch Date:20/09/2010
    Bond 10.00 10.4897 10.4897 10.4897
    Secured 10.00 10.0583 10.0583 10.0583
    Balanced 10.00 9.9600 9.9600 9.9600
    Growth 10.00 10.2797 10.2797 10.2797
    PENSION PLUS Launch Date:02/09/2010
    Debt 10.00 10.4285 10.4285 10.4285
    Mixed 10.00 10.2382 10.2382 10.2382
    SAMRIDHI PLUS Launch Date:25/02/2011
    Samridhi Plus 10.00 10.2295 10.2295 10.2295
    HEALTH PLUS Launch Date:04/02/2008
    Health Plus 10.00 12.0828 12.0828 12.0828
    HEALTH PROTECTION PLUS Launch Date:29/04/2009
    Health Protection Plus 10.00 11.4658 11.4658 11.4658
    Please select a valid form

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